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Vaguely Reminiscent & Somebody’s Story

1998 -- Double CD

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Vaguely Reminiscent (originally released 1982)

1. Song For A Hobbit

2. The Hammer Has To Fall

3. Kugelsburg Bank

4. I’m Sure That We’ll Find It Somewhere

5. Paulette’s Song (Take Me As You Find Me)

6. Another Jamaica Farewell

7. Food Stamp Stomp

8. George’s Trip

9. Vaguely Reminiscent of the 60’s (The Story)

10. Vaguely Reminiscent of the 60’s (The Song)

Somebody’s Story (originally released 1979)

1. Our Life Is More Than Our Work

2. Acres Of Clams

3. A Woman Of Great Energy

4. The Whole World’s Lover

5. Mountains of Mourne

6. Who’s The Criminal Here?

7. Thank You Anita

8. Acceptable Risks